Perfect Bound glue spine book

Perfect Binding: Soft Spine Book Binding Made (to look) Easy

Service Highlight: Perfect Binding

Have you ever wondered how those beautifully binded and easy to use glue-spine books are made? Here’s the secret – really incredible perfect binding machinery in our Bindery And Finishing department.

At MPress, we are one of the only local printers that has a 16-pocket binding machine. Our machinery takes our prints on a journey through glue rollers, pocket punchers and spine sealers, creating perfectly bound, 100+ page reports, gallery showcases, art portfolios, you name it.


These machines are professional grade and create phenomenally bound products, and they do it at an incredible rate. Just watch for yourself!


Next time you need a professional grade binding for your masterpiece, whether it’s a soft-spine report, or a beautiful booklet, our incredible machines will make your printed copy look as good as it reads.

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