Saddle-Stitched 34

Saddle Stitching like you’ve never seen before

Saddle stitching is one of our most satisfying-to-watch bookbinding techniques and it results in smooth and professional vertically-stapled printed material.

Service Highlight: Saddle Stitching

Here at MPress, we leave it to our high-speed equipment to handle all of our saddle stitching needs. Any project, from an 8 page form to large book-binding, our saddle stitching equipment is a great way to seamlessly and beautifully bind all of our clients’ multi-page prints.


Watch the amazing process for yourself!

It’s a really engrossing process to watch from start to finish, and we are proud of every binding job that comes through MPress. Our saddle stitching process is fast, consistent, lasting and at a low price point. If you’re working on your next report or booklet, let’s talk.


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