Cutting Corners: Save Time with our Industrial Guillotine Edge-Cutter

Have you ever used one of those square guillotine paper cutters that sit on an office desk, or in your old university library? They’re a pain.

Service Highlight: Guillotine Edge-Cutter

First off, if the guillotine isn’t perfectly sharp, your paper jams and winds up mangled and uneven. And even if it is sharp enough, you can only really cut 3 or 4 pieces of paper at a time. Who has five hours to spend cutting brochures and door hangers for their real estate service?

Well, we do. But we’re not cutting 30 or 40 brochures in an hour. We’re cutting thousands of precise, clean cut designs for whatever need is requested of us. And we’re able to do this with our industrial, behemoth Guillotine Edge-Cutter.


With our professional grade paper cutter, we’re able to perfectly cut edges and corners, separate pages, remove excess and cut sheets down to your precise requirements to make sure your printouts are absolutely perfect. See for yourself in our video walkthrough where we demonstrate the massive capacity of our Guillotine Edge-Cutter, putting your office desk cutter to shame.



Next time you’re looking to get professional print service for your specific marketing requirements, we’ll get the job done with haste and precision.

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