Folding Time and Space: The MPress Folding Machine is absolutely hypnotic

Have you ever wondered how books and pamphlets get folded before they are shipped out?

Service Highlight: Folding Solutions

Our enormous folding machine sees just about every document that we print prior to our delivery. This machine can be adjusted to make single folds, trifolds, gate folds, roll folds, accordion folds, and even map folds. And if that’s not impressive enough, we can fold up to 9,000 pieces an hour!

It’s a mesmerizing experience that we love to watch here at MPress. So we decided to share it with you.


Here is a video of our folding machine getting to work, folding picture journals for a client. You may notice that some of the sheets have multiple pages on them. That’s a little trick of ours that allows us to print and fold multiple pages at one time, which in turn saves our clients time and money.



Hope you enjoy watching, and if you have any printing and folding needs, you know where to call for quick, precise and affordable service.

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