Variable Data Printing with Inkjet Addressing

Using Inkjet Addressing to Get the Best Postage Rates on your Next Mailer Campaign

Our inkjet addressing and printing services can prepare up to 30,000 pieces of mail per hour and make mail prep and finding good postage rates a breeze for your next campaign.

Service Highlight: Inkjet Addressing

Ever wonder how political campaigns or universities can afford to reach such massive databases of people with their mailing campaigns? Well, most of the time they’re actually saving money.

By using our Inkjet addressing and processing services like ours, businesses are able to affordably print thousands of mailers and get the lowest postal rate. What’s more, variable data printing allows for a different name and address on every single piece of mail. 


Watch a video of our inkjet addressing machines in action below. It’s a lightning-quick process, so we even put it in slo-mo for you.



We start by collecting a client’s contact database or purchasing a list of potential customers and decide what the mailer will look like before sending it through our processor that can print and address a ludicrous quantity of mailers in no time. For some projects, we can process up to 30,000 mailers an hour. 

Our process doesn’t end with just high-speed printing. The greatest part of our service is our ability to comply with postal standards in order to receive the lowest postal rate possible for your bulk mailing campaign.

These compliances include things like organizing the mail in sequence order and circular sticker tabbing.

A more thorough approach to efficiency is in our database cleanup. Through printing, we’re able to remove incorrect names from a list and substitute them with the title “Resident,” as well as combining two names under the same address into one piece of family mail. Also, if a contact in your database wishes to be removed from the list, we will eliminate their name and add them to a list for your future contact.

When all is said and done, you have a complete start-to-finish mass mailing campaign cleanly executed by yours truly. We ensure perfect color, accurate addresses, and professional mail prep. We finish of the job by loading up your mailers into trays or sacks and bringing them to the post office, ensuring that we make good on our promise to give you optimal bulk postage rates.

Need to send out a mailer for a great low postage rate? We’ve got the right chops to do it for you.

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