Die Cut Example MPress

Die Cutting Adds Creativity to your Print Marketing

When it comes to printouts for your business, design is the key to recognition and lasting impressions – and die cutting your piece can really make it stand out.

Service Highlight: Die Cutting

Every day we see envelopes, folders, invitations, business cards, stamps, you name it. They’re such commonplace fixtures in our lives that in order for these items to make an impact on us, for them to stand out, they need to look different. They need to have new shapes and a level of interactivity.

We expertly design unique shapes and folds so that our client’s can send letters or pass out business cards that they can be proud of. The way we are able to cut such precise shapes through just one layer of paper, creating a small indented texture, is through a process called Die Cutting.

The Process

Die cutting uses a thin, razor-sharp tool that we mold to fit the exact shape for our clients’ needs. With that tool, we are able to mass produce consistent, intricately designed printouts that amaze.

Just watch the process for yourself and see our rotary press spin out incredibly detailed designs for some of our clients. These machines are completely mechanical and really allow for a piece to come out with a unique and classic feel.

The next time you need to send out textured, artistically printed wedding invitations, business cards or even branded coasters, you can feel confident in our consistent relationship with perfection. 


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