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Wide Format Printing has MPressive Results

If your marketing goals include increasing brand awareness, helping your company or brand stand out, and keeping your company or brand at your audience’s front of mind, then wide format printing may offer some innovative solutions for you. In 2021, at the start of a new decade, more and more companies are turning their print projects into large-scale, eye-catching signage and displays. Wide format printing encompasses the production of a wide variety of marketing collateral including but not limited to advertising banners, pop up banners, fence mesh, corporate wall lettering, outdoor lettering, magnets, and coroplast signage of all sizes. 

At MPress, our wide format capabilities stretch across materials. We offer wide format printing on coroplast, foam board, finished wood, brushed metal, solid metal, acrylic, magnet, vinyl decal, vinyl banner, vinyl mesh banner. Additionally, most materials can be finished with a laminate to allow for a dry erase writing finish. Have an idea for a project you don’t see here? Please reach out! We love to push the boundaries of printing to bring your vision to life! 

Popular today, Profitable tomorrow.

Globally, the Wide Format Printing Market was valued at 8.22 Billion USD in 2018. WIth a compound annual growth rate or CAGR of 4.45 percent, the Wide Format Printing Market is expected to reach 11.58 Billion USD by the year 2026 according to Verified Market Research.

New applications of wide format printers continue to arise in industries including advertising, packaging, and textiles. These new innovations have boosted the wide format printer market. Wide format printing companies continue to expand on their offerings, providing customers with services like vehicle wraps, flooring, wallpaper, and decor. 

Be on the lookout for some of these wide format printing trends! 

Consumers will see an increase in texture on visual displays as more fabric elements like soft signage become increasingly available. Additionally, rough textures like wood-grain will also be available to elevate visual displays to the next level. 

Digitally printed decor is also on the rise making way for consumers to add even more customization to their homes and businesses. Whether it’s branding artwork to fit your corporate brand or purchasing digital downloads of artwork to frame in your home, wide format printing is adding endless possibilities. Artists are also benefiting from new uses of wide format printing. As wide format printing grows in popularity, print-on-demand services are becoming more common, allowing small artists to scale with little to no cost to their business. 

So, for your next display or advertisement, get creative & see what the wide-format printer can do for your project!